Authorized implants in our clinic

In our practice, we use many implant systems that are adjusted to individual needs of our patients.
The most commonly used implants are Ankylos produced by the largest implant company Dentsply Friadent as well as the implants made by ICX templnt company.

ANKYLOS: friendly tissues implant. It is characterized by a high rate of long-term success. It is robust and stable, it can be relied on for more than 20 years: ANKYLOS C/X with its predictability, natural esthetics and top mechanical stability is the answer for all clinical indications. Highly excellent friendly tissue connection between implant and the connector does not show micro- movements and it is an almost complete barrier to bacteria. It prevents bone resorption, providing stable and healthy both hard as well as soft tissues.

ICX templant: ICX  Implant Technologies Ltd is one of the world's leading implants manufacturers. The implant is distinguished by its innovative as well as an attractive price.