Damon system

Damon System is a clinically proven method of malocclusion treatment which aligns the teeth more gently and positively changes the aesthetics of the faceIn most cases it does not require teeth extractions nor appliances breaking the palatal suture.
Damon System is a unique treatment philosophy that apart from the alignment of teeth creates broad, beautiful smiles. We take into consideration the patients' facial appearances, profiles as well as other elements of their looks, deciding how they will look like at the age of 40, 50 and later. The results of Damon System treatment affect all their lives.

How long is the treatment?
The time of treatment may vary, depending on the case, however studies have shown that therapy conducted with Damon System appliances lasts up to six months less than treatment conducted with the help of traditional appliances.
Another advantage: the treatment requires considerably smaller number of visits.

The obvious advantages of Damon System
Non-ligating appliances which do not require "combining" the wires are gentle on the teeth and tissues.
Advanced technology, shape-memory wires which quickly move teeth and require fewer adjustments or control visits.
Clinically proven results of the therapy that not only straightens teeth but also improves aesthetics of the face.

Since the Damon System works so quickly, does it mean that it is "tough" and dangerous?
No. In fact, the Damon System is so fast because it uses much gentler, more balancing biological forces than it occurs with the usage of conventional locks. Less friction system ensures proper tooth position and improved facial harmony.

Will my teeth will "hurt" after the control visits?
Very light "shape-memory" titanium wires are used which will gently guideyour teeth to their ideal position. Most people feel very little discomfort.

Are the results of the treatment stable?
The results of Damon System treatment last forever. Since most of the teeth have a tendency to return to their previous positions, after the treatment it may be necessary to put ina removable retainer at night- such as a mouthguard - as a follow-up treatment.

Are locks large and thick?
Not anymore! The locks are much smaller than they were a few years ago, as new materials are being used to make them very discreet.

What about adults' treatment?
No problem. Adults can be treated quickly, easily and most importantly, with very good results.