Implant solutions

With implants we can complement single or multiple missing teeth. Implants may be a foundation to solid works well as elements stabilizing removable dentures. Thanks to them you will be able to bite with full force, laugh to your heart's content, have a clear pronunciation as well as feel confident and secure.
For fixing of dentures we recommend Ankylos ® SynCone® system. The implants allow stabilisation, fusing firmly in the jaw. They care for stable seating and maintaining the prosthesis. Such implant procedure is now performed in a simple and gentle way.
Using the ANKYLOS ® SynCone ® system, right after about two hours from the start of the procedure you can, in most cases, leave the clinic with firmly rooted and stable prosthesis and within a short time, begin active biting and chewing.
Ankylos ® SynCone ® is a patented and unique method of treatment, immediately improving the maintenance of the full lower dentures.
It is a treatment that is safe, quick and relatively inexpensive. It involves putting in the front part of the jaw 4 Ankylos ® implants and seating on them special elements called SynCone ®, supporting and maintaining the prosthesis.
It is all being done during one procedure under local anesthesia and takes less than 2 hours. Immediately after the surgery the patient experiences an instant improvement of maintaining the prosthesis in the mouth. It is so strong that it enables free biting even hard foods such as an apple and regaining the joy of eating.


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