Orthodontics is a treatment improving facial and dental aesthetics as well as function of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and occlusion.
This treatment is often interdisciplinary, i.e. preparing the patient for further dental treatment, such as prosthetic and implanting one.
In our clinic we treat adults orthodonticly. But most of all we prevent the formation of malocclusion, taking care and diagnosing young patients. The earlier the defect is detected, the faster and easier treatment is.
It is easier to prevent than to cure.
The essence of the treatment is to create an individual treatment plan by choosing the right appliance. In our clinic we use permanent orthodontic appliances (conventional and self- ligating) as well as removable devices. Selecting the appliance is dependent on the chosen treatment plan that is optimal and gives lasting results. After each orthodontic treatment we use so-called retention treatment which is essential and prevents recurrent of the defect.